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Christopher M Hanson, CRNA, NSPM-C


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I’m passionate about what I do because I see far too many people who suffer from chronic pain.


The Institute of Medicine has identified chronic pain as one of the most under-treated lifestyle impacting problems in the US. The incidence is higher than cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure combined! In a large percentage, low back and leg pain should resolve itself within a matter of several weeks with conservative, proven treatment and patient- involved therapies. However, some do not and the pain does not go away. Many who have chronic pain fall into two categories- those that seek treatment, and those that do not.


According to the Institute of Medicine "Chronic pain affects about 100 million American adults—more than the total affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Pain also costs the nation up to $635 billion each year in medical treatment and lost productivity."


Some who seek care are often given conservative treatments, such as anti-inflammabilities, physical therapy, and in some cases muscle relaxants or narcotics, which can be effective. However, some patients do not get adequate relief, but may believe it is the extent of what medical treatment can offer and choose not to follow up. Others are given a steady stream of pills, without other options, and come to find that intolerable. Those that don’t seek treatment may take a “grin & bear it attitude” (put up with the pain), or worse yet, self-treat with drugs and alcohol.


This can be detrimental as some of the underlying root causes of pain progressively worsen. People who try to put up with the pain run a risk of decreased functionality, as well as physiologic changes that can occur due to chronic pain sensations. Some who “self-treat” with detrimental means, again, do not work on identifying the underling root cause of pain. Some may lose hope, or think it’s a natural part of aging- which is far more detrimental to a person’s functional capacities.

All patients, whatever their previous treatment patterns can benefit from the services Mid Iowa Anesthesia and Pain Services offer.


Initial consultation to our services gives each patient a dynamic process including, assessment, diagnosis, patient and community-focused plan, implementation of treatment, and evaluation of success. Assessment will include a thorough exam with free-flowing information from your referring provider, and any other entities involved in your care. No matter how complex your diagnosis is, a plan involving you, the patient, will be developed. Patients are expected to have input and take ownership of the developed plan's implementation which is focused on maximizing functionality. An evaluation of the plan will occur at a scheduled interval to assess how beneficial treatment is, or to guide if other treatment options are necessary.


I firmly believe patients need to “own” their treatment and we will customize a plan including locally- based options, such as smoking cessation, physical therapy, diet, counseling, traditional and/or nontraditional treatment.

My approach reflects an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to the chronic pain management care.




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